Wayland McQueen is an improviser/actor/writer/producer/comedian originally from the not flat part of Iowa. He has been doing improv since 2003 and has been performing regularly at UCB LA since 2009. Wayland can currently be seen performing with his Harold team Crush. He has previously been with Harold teams Swanzey, The Great War, and Cooper. He also co-hosts the improv show Shapeshift and performs with Copycat. He is a semi-regular performer in Tournament of Nerds and semi-regular host of Sketch Showdown. His other UCB credits include Sketchcram, Cagematch, and a variety of bit shows. Wayland has also appeared in some Funny or Die videos, the TV show Manswers, and various other videos that made it to the Internet. Wayland is a big baseball fan and hosts Ducksnort: A Baseball Podcast.

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