Ciara is an actress currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Ciara and her husband are currently starring in a show they wrote together called Maybe Baby at UCBT Hell's Kitchen. Most notably Ciara played Darlene Ferrin in David Fincher's classic suspense thriller, Zodiac. She can also be seen in the Rodanti Brothers short film An Act of Revenge. Ciara's television credits include playing a competitive disco dancer named Sonya Witkowski on CBS's Cold Case. In a fit of rage she may or may not have murdered her dance'll just have to tune in to find out. She also plays Marie on the Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit episode Dominance alongside Ice-T and Erik Palladino. On WB's Angel Ciara plays a magical blue fairy. With one wave of her sparkly wand she (spoiler alert) gave Spike back his heart. It was truly an honor.