Georgie Aldaco is a writer, performer and director living in New York City. She has written for television (Miracle Workers on TBS, Disney's Right Now Kapow!), was a staff writer at The Onion Video, and is a member of Whale Thief, the collective that produces Sketch Cram (a sketch show written in a single day) once a month at UCB, and Movie Cram (a feature-length movie made in a day) once a year. Recently, she worked as a writer for Funny or Die's scripted podcast Scienceology, and the narrative podcast The Truth. She is also one fourth of the sketch group, Former Business Partners, whose show had a year-long run at UCB. Georgie was a writer on UCB's Maude Night for several years, has written videos for the Latino digital network Flama, and was a participant in the Chris Rock/Comedy Central Writing Program.