Emily Strachan has been writing and performing comedy in New York since 2006. She's a writer on UCBT Maude Team, Stone Cold Fox which will be a featured at this year's Toronto Sketch Fest. She's also been on house team's Slow Burn and Mixtape '98. Emily's been improvising and making short films with her all-girl group Kape for the last three years. Their videos have been featured and highlighted on Atom.com and The CW network. Kape also performed at Austin Texas' Out of Bounds Festival. In addition to Kape, Emily improvises with Pony Party, a team formed out of UCBT 600 class Mono y Mono. Emily is a member of the sketch team Strachlock alongside Geoff Garlock. Emily and Geoff met on UCB maude team Slow Burn and started writing together and making gold. Their weird sketches eventually morphed into the epic show "Gettin' Quaid" which is currently running at the UCB Theatre. Emily will also be featured in two upcoming webseries. "Get a Job Erika" and "Teen Wheels". Emily loves you for reading her bio and herself for writing it.


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