A writer-lyricist-composer for individuals with cognitive disabilities, Conor wrote for Kenny Ortega's musical series on Netflix, JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS. His neurodiverse short films have won 13 awards in LA, NY, Australia, Poland, Germany, Spain, & the UK, and his live theatre productions have won 13 awards & 11 nominations in the last 3 Hollywood Fringe Festivals, including BEST BUDDIES, a neuro-inclusive musical licensed by Princeton University. He is an adjunct professor in TV Comedy Writing at the University of Notre Dame, teaches actors with disabilities in North Hollywood, and is the founder/director of a team of improvisers with Down syndrome at Second City Hollywood. Conor is repped by Zach Cox at Circle of Confusion and Sheryl Petersen at APA for TV/Feature Lit in LA and Beth Blickers at APA for Theater Lit in NY.