Ben is an improviser/writer/actor who has been a part of UCBT LA since 2006. He currrently writes for Dreamworks animation. In addition to being an UCBT Instructor, Ben was part of the Harold and Maude programs for over 5 years, and now frequently performs with the groups "Small Town Sheriff" and "Fun Town," where he tends to play a lot of sassy women characters. Other UCB shows include La, La, La, L.A.!: A Puppet Musical & Quick and Funny Musicals. Ben is an experienced puppeteer and performer for Jim Henson's "Puppet Up." Ben's credits include reoccurring on "Crazy-Ex Girlfriend," "Adam Ruins Everything," "Malevolent," "Freak Dance," and playing a killer chicken's wife in "Thankskilling 3." He'd love for you to follow him on Twitter @benjaminjs. Lastly, Ben is proud to be director and performer for "Story Pirates", a non-profit group that encourages children to write creative stories, which they adapt in to sketches shows performed at elementary schools nationwide. WATCH HIS PUPPET MUSICAL HERE: WATCH HIS BARBIE WEB-SERIES HERE:

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