Logan Smith is a performer, writer, and filmmaker who grew up in a rural Texas town racing motocross. He was undeniably home-schooled and got into acting and improv by accident. In his first acting class he was assigned a scene from the movie Annie Hall and was instructed to play Diane Keaton's character. He studied filmmaking at the University of Texas at Austin, where he also performed with the school's longform improv team SNAFU. He currently improvises with his UCB Mess Hall team JASON BJORN, writes and performs with his sketch/improv team WILLIAM WILLIAMS, and makes digital sketches and short films with his brother/lifetime collaborator CODY. He has performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, and Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. Logan has an incredibly supportive family that he loves very much. For questions or complaints: [email protected] Logan Smith contributed to this bio.