Kyle Marian is a comedian, science communications consultant, former physical anthropologist (she studied the fossils of a freaking 'hobbit'). She performs characters, writes sketch, and regularly performs improv with the all-POC indie team The Code Switch and has previously performed science standup at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Every month, she produces and hosts socially-mindful, inclusive, and accessible comedy shows like ‘The Symposium: Academic Stand-Up’ at Caveat. In August 2019, she joins the NYC UCB production of 'Woke AF: A Mind-Opening Variety Show' as co-host and co-producer. She performs and produces inclusive, accessible comedy shows all over the city (e.g., Persons with Disabilities showcases and F*ck Sex & Gender Norms comedy show). Since 2014, she has been training UK and US academics to translate their work into comedy and storytelling. An Alda Center, UK Bright Club Comedy, and Upright Citizens' Brigade alumna, she is on a mission to spread smart, inclusive, intersectionally-mindful science communication laughs across the US.