DarylJim first started performing when he was a kid at his filipino relatives' parties, singing on their karaoke machines! He dances hula when he visits the Big Island of Hawaii (where he is from)! DarylJim earned his BFA in Musical Theater at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performance Arts in Los Angeles! You can find DarylJim sing his face off in Quick and Funny Musicals at the UCB Sunset stage. You can see him improvising his face off with Mess Hall team "Jason Bjorn", in the Agenda Presents: ALL SKATE!, and in Filipino AF and Asian AF! Outside of UCB, he's at the Clubhouse Comedy Theater doing improv in "The Silver Sharpies Presents: Drawing With Sharpies"! Fun fact about DarylJim: He uses exclamation points too much!

Upcoming Performances