Alexa Russo is an Actor, Singer, and Comedian from the small town of Kingman, Arizona (get your kicks on Route 66!). At 14, she somehow convinced her parents to let her audition for the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). She was accepted into the Theatre Department, and she moved to LA two days before school started. Alexa's journey at LACHSA changed her life and transformed her into a passionate and competitive working artist. She went on to join the casts of many plays and musicals around Los Angeles, and then moved to New York City to study Musical Theatre at Pace University. Alexa is now back in Los Angeles, where she has discovered her love for film, television, and comedy. After playing the recurring character, "Hazel", in Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, Alexa has become known for her goofy personality, kooky voice, infectious energy, and natural disposition of an overly excited camp counselor. She produces and writes a bi-weekly online comedic song cycle called "The Butterfly Bungalow". Alexa is over-the-moon to be a part of the Upright Citizens Brigade community, and can be seen playing at UCB with her all-female indie Musical Improv team, "Adele Dazeem", and her UCB Musical Mess Hall team, "Bevel"!