Josh is an Asian-American writer, musician and performer currently writing in his 2nd year on the UCB Maude team Moon Goon, with whom he hosts "Not Too Shabby" on Thursday nights in the Inner Sanctum. Other UCB credits include "Sketch Cram", "Maude Goes Midnight" and "Mano Night Raw!", plus awkwardly performing in his friends' improv shows. He's been around UCBTLA since 2015 where he studied in their Advanced Sketch Writing Program. Outside UCB he's appeared with Moon Goon at the 2020 SF Sketch Comedy Festival. He's written and produced content for shows at the Pack Theater, including "Your Late Night Show Tonight" and "Lady Like". Additionally he's produced digital content for shows at the Groundlings, iO West and Nerdist Meltdown. His work has been featured on the front page of Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor and Entertainment Weekly. When he isn't working on comedy stuff he creates trailers, posters and digital media content for Samuel Goldwyn Films. Prior to that he worked on digital media for CBS' "Reckless", NBC's "Taken", and various unaired pilots for FOX, ABC and YouTube Red (is it still called that?). In his EXTRA free time he plays in the rock band Jacob The Horse and occasionally in pit bands for local musical productions - most recently Team StarKid's "Black Friday" and "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals".