KATHRYN BURNS is the co-producer/creator of Quick & Funny Musicals as well as actor/choreographer for the QF Company. She has written/starred/choreographed "One Night Stand: The Musical" (QF Company Debut), "7th Grade: The Awkward Musical" (Official selection San Francisco Sketch Festival), "Bulimia: The Musical", "Texas: The Musical". Film/Tv Credits include: Key & Peele, Children's Hospital, Wet Hot American Summer 1st Day of Camp, Freak Dance, High Road, Funny or Die Presents. She has trained at Upright Citizens Brigade since the theater opened in Los Angeles and has performed/choreographed various shows, including Freak Dance, Downton Abbey: The Musical, Sketch Cram, Other People's Stuff, Dirtiest Sketch, Quick & Funny Musicals, What's Goin On With Mitch, A Kiss From Daddy, Maude Teams, Sappity Tappity. As well as performing/choreographing for The Apple Sister's Show and The Paul F. Tompkins Show. Kathryn is also known as Kat Burns and is the "go-to choreographer for comedy" currently working on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".

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