Koschka is an actress, writer and classically trained fencer (foil and épée) raised communist-pagan by squatter punk cats in East Berlin, Germany. /// She studied Linguistics and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago and divides her time between Berlin, London, Reykjavik and L.A. where you might have seen her doing standup at The Comedy Store, cat café or random Chinese restaurant. /// She has appeared on-screen in commercials, TV shows, music videos and several obscure independent films you've likely never heard of. /// She's currently developing a podcast, procrastinating completing her first feature film script and working on a one man show about her cat. /// You can see her performing in L.A. with her most favouritest UCB Mess Hall team, ROXBURY! ... as well as indie teams Celluloid Division (Movie Form), KilamaNjaro, Dagwood and VelociRAPTURE. /// Fun fact: Koschka was quite nearly killed by a charging rhino in Kenya. Ask her about it sometime!