Rocky Strobel is a comedian, actor, writer and friend. Growing up she moved around a bit in Ventura before landing in a small town in the Sierra Nevadas and quickly became friends with a bunch of cows. She was previously on the Messhall team Rat King, and still performs around town with them because they’re friends! Other teams you can see her on and be friends with are Baboons and Fernando. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter @ RockyStrobel. Now that’s #simple! And if you hang out on the east side of LA, you might be able to catch her riding double around on a Lime scooter with Anisa (another friend!) yay friends! Also just to make this clear if you need a friend, she’ll be your friend. Xoxo

Legit/Theatrical: Seeking
Management: Seeking
Commercial: Reign
Literary: Seeking