Writer/performer Annie Mebane grew up in south Florida and attended Emerson College. She has trained at iOWest (where she performed with the Harold team Hey Swayze!) and at UCBLA. She has written, produced and directed a bunch of plays and web series that take up a lot of bio space to list. As an actor, she's popped up in several national commercials, web series and TV shows, and once, Paris Hilton called her a "horn dog" on "Paris Hilton's BFF2."  Truly a proud moment. She and her writing partner, Steve Basilone have written for "Happy Endings" on ABC, "Breaking In" on FOX, NBC's "Community" and "The Michael J. Fox Show." Now they write for ABC's "The Goldbergs." She and her husband, Matt, frequently talk about getting a kitten, but never pull the trigger. Credits at UCB include "The Quick & Funny Musicals," "craigsLOST," "The Twitter Show," "Sketch Cram," "Not Too Shabby," Maude Night with Nice Kitchen and Harold Night with Arts & Athletics. She recently cowrote and directed "True Hustle" with the fabulous Marie Lively.


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