Janine Hogan is an actor, comedian, musician, and model, living in LA. She's the house band leader for Totally Rad with Alyssa Sabo in the Inner Sanctum, the MC/battle host for Come Battle Kaboombox & Lose in the Inner Sanctum, beatboxer for The Score rap battle in the Inner Sanctum, & also does lots of other stuff for sure. You can catch her around town performing her live improvised comedic looping where she beatboxes & freestyles layered tracks based on audience suggestion. She's done a bunch of commercials that aren't very impressive but help her make money (including Pepsi, AT&T, Google, NCAA, Soylent, TikTok, & VSCO). She's a main host on Super Deluxe Live & you can see her in other Buzzfeed/internet things also. She also performed her live act last year in the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, LA Diversity Comedy Festival, LA Musical Comedy Festival & LA Indie Improv Fest. She also produces a bunch of tv shows & has music online you can check out if you want. She also wrote this in the 3rd person cuz that's what everyone else does. I wrote this. It's me. Janine.