James is half-American but born and bred in the South of England where it's nice and there are flowers although it rains sometimes. An alumnus of the Cambridge Footlights, he's done a ton of comedy on stage, TV and radio in the UK including The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, Saxondale, a double-act with Matthew Holness aka Garth Marenghi, and working with Mitchell & Webb writing, directing and performing in their sketch shows since the late '90s. Plus he regularly dressed up as a lady on a BBC kids show and screamed "A THOUSAND POUNDS?!" at people, which his two daughters think is funny. He moved to LA at the end of 2014 where he's studied improv at UCB with teachers like Toni Charlene, Will McLaughlin, Brian Finkelstein, Johnny Meeks and Alex Berg. Not them. Teachers *like* them. He has performed in UCB Mess Hall as part of Green Light, GO! and was in two indie teams, ADULT, who claim to have 'invented' the Ambient form, and Sterling, a team comprised entirely of English people making references Americans don't understand like 'Wham Bars' or 'Felicity Kendal'. He likes a cider. Buy him a cider. A British one. With alcohol in.