Wyatt Cenac has been performing stand up, improv and sketch at the UCBT since it opened in 2005. Before that he was doing those same things at the Improv, M Bar, IO West and various places around town. Maybe you've seen him perform in UCBT shows such as Comedy Death Ray, Rap Crisis Center, Quick & Dirty Musicals, The Doo Doo Show, See You Next Tuesday, The Combo Platter or as part of the now defunct Harold team Robot Doctors. In addition to performing at UCB, Wyatt spent three seasons as a writer for FOX's King of the Hill, where he also did voice over work. He's also done a bunch more stuff you've probably never seen or will never see. He did some punch up work for Blades of Glory which maybe you saw that. Remember that joke you liked? It might of been his... but he doubts it. He's been in some commercials... that only run in Canada. Remember the "Midnightly News?" It was a /Daily Show/ knock-off, where Wyatt got to interview white supremacist Tom Metzger. Remember it now? You shouldn't. It never aired. Wyatt was a bouncer at a bar, but you probably never noticed when he tried to throw you out. He was in an episode of Yacht Rock, which if you've never seen, you should see. And Wyatt co-starred with Kanye West in a pilot for HBO ... maybe you'll get to see that. But don't hold your breath.


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