Bryan Morris is a New York City based comedian quickly making a name for himself at comedy clubs, colleges and festivals across the country. Bryan delights audiences (presumably you) by expertly balancing sharp observational humor with energetic absurdism. His quick wit, clever material, boyish charm, and manish jawline make him a loveable, relatable crowd favorite. Bryan has performed at NACA, worked some of the best clubs in the country and won Madisons Funniest Comic Contest with a performance that inspired The Onion AV Club to call Bryan, “The Michael Jordan of comedy.” Bryan was also a runner up in Laughfest's "Best of the Midwest," was a finalist in the Funniest Person in the Twin Cities Competition, and has done other impressive comedy things. Bryan taught improv with Atlas Improv Company for nearly 10 years, eventually co-founding the Atlas Improv Theater. Bryan currently writes for Maude Night at UCB and loves wearing hoodies.