Stacey Kulow is a comedian who got her start in Madison, WI. There she performed with Atlas Improv Company for 6 years and won the title of Madison Funniest Comic in 2014. She starred in a short film chosen for the Wisconsin Film Festival, and in a Milwaukee Brewers Commercial. Since moving to New York she has written for Maude teams: Night Eaters, What Would Do, A Few Sandwich Lovers, and Hot Bird. She co-wrote running show: You Can't Spell Love Without Cleveland, OH. She hosts Liquid Courage, a monthly sketch open mic. She also writes and directs for monthly show Sketch Cram, an entire sketch show made in one day. Stacey is currently directing for Maude Night, BoogieManja, and various indie teams and shows. You can catch her performing improv and standup throughout the city or on her YouTube channel: Bryan & Stacey. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @staceykulow. Follow her cat @mr.kurt.vonnecat

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Commercial: Ingber & Associates
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