Brielle Grace DeMirjian (“Brielle” to friends) is precisely 5’3” but actively insists she is 5'6". Her eyes and hairs are brown. Her teeth are orthodontically corrected. She has two sisters, a brother, two parents, and an oxford comma. Brielle Grace DeMirjian is of Armenian descent, and suffers from no major food-borne allergies. Her face is home to 11 freckles, and her hands are 8mm longer than the universal average. In addition to being right-handed from birth, Brielle Grace DeMirjian has always shown a proclivity toward dressing in clothing and speaking the English language. She participated in the sport of tee ball during her elementary school years with very little success. She is thrilled to be performing with her Lloyd team seventeen at UCB East Village and with her indie teams St. Louis Rams and Brief Dragon all over the city.

Upcoming Performances