Paul Heredia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, raised in Issaquah, Washington, and now lives in the moment. Paul is a first generation immigrant and comedian. Paul has been part of improv and sketch teams at UCB (Moon Goon & Rat King), iOwest (Octopus City & Elixir), and Second City (Bullshark & Bubbleplast). Paul has performed at SF Sketchfest, Del Close Marathon, Coupe De Comedy Festival, Big Pine Comedy Festival, & The LA Scripted Comedy Festival. Feel free to check out his web content @FruitChickenComedy on YouTube & his personal channel. Paul has been featured on a few TruTv shows & has written for Cartoon Network. He is happily married and has been with his husband for 12 years, they met in middle school. He knows it’s adorable. If you want to follow his life he lives at [REDACTED] or you can follow him @paulheredia on instagram, @heredia_paul on twitter, @paulheredia on venmo, or summon him @paulh on a ouija board.