I am a comedy writer/performer from Houston, Texas, currently based in New York (specifically Astoria, which I assure you is cool and fun). I've taken improv and sketch classes at UCB since 2014. I'm also a speechwriter for the firm West Wing Writers, and I co-produce a show at Caveat called "SpeakEasy" all about speechwriting. I've written satire that you can find on McSweeney's and Hard Drive. I've filmed stuff that you can find at ChandlerDeanVideos on YouTube. And I also co-host TWO podcasts: The Daily Show Weekly on "Hail Satire!" with Vic Shuttee, and "Uncertified Fresh" with Carolina Treviño. In the past, I've been a Production Intern at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a Writer's Room Intern at Late Night with Seth Meyers, and a Field Intern at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. I graduated from Fordham University at Lincoln Center with a BA in Political Science & Film and Television. There, I was the President of Stove's Cabin Crew, an audition-free comedy club that does improv, sketch, standup, video, satire, and characters. But of course anything I did more than a week ago is irrelevant in the digital age. Check my Twitter @chandlerjdean to learn what desperate moves I'm making to stay on your mind on the day-to-day.