Davy Gardner is a writer, director, performer, and producer. He writes for Audible, Radiotopia's The Truth, and the UCBT's weekend team, The Foundation. Davy is currently writing an original series for Audible, and writes for The Truth Podcast on Radiotopia (from PRX). His writing has featured talent like Sue Galloway (30 Rock) and Jo Firestone (High Maintenance). Davy won Best First Time Screenwriter and Best Dark Comedy at the 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards for his short, "Mountain", which also won Best Dark Comedy at the 2019 New York Film Awards. His short film, "You Hang Up", won the 2019 Berlin Flash Film Festival. You can see some of his work streaming on Discover.Film. Davy taught writing at The School of The New York Times alongside award-winning author, Meghan Daum. He created the series, Season Two Show, and improvises in New York City with the teams, "Boyf" and "Pork". www.davygardner.com @DavyGardner