Caitlin Sing is an actor, comedian, designer, and producer based in New York. She performs with UCB House Team Hotcake on Lloyd Night at SubCulture every other Sunday and co-hosts the UCB Lady Jam the last Tuesday of every month at UCB Hell's Kitchen. Caitlin is a veteran of Lloyd Night's Statham, a Front Desk Admin at the UCB Training Center, poHa founding member, UCB Diversity Scholar, and Event Coordinator on 'Who Made The Potato Salad?' - a bimonthly show dedicated to featuring and celebrating people of color. Caitlin has studied with Nicole Drespel, James Dwyer, Caroline Cotter, Jackie Jennings, Lou Gonzalez, Erik Tanouye, Achilles Stamatelaky, John Timothy, Morgan Grace Jarrett, Keisha Zollar, and Shannon O'Neill.

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