Stephen is an actor and writer from Washington, D.C. Really Northern Virginia, but he has the style and intellegiance of someone from Washington, D.C. To prove Stephen is really a D.C. Native and not a Northern Virginia one, Stephen used to be a ballet dancer and trained at the Washington School of Ballet, not the Northern Virginia School of Ballet. At UCB, you can see Stephen performing with the excellent members of the Mess Hall Team: Perm! Stephen also performed with the Mess Hall Team Biscuits! At the end of Biscuits mess hall run, Stephen took a poll wether his 7 other team members and 1 coach thought he was from Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia. Out of the 8 votes, 1 said D.C. and 3 said Northern Virginia, but the other 4 were too busy to vote because they were filming Hangover 4, but the filming location was Washington, D.C., so by the rules of the poll that counts as 4 more votes that Stephen is from Washington, D.C. So the final result was 5 votes of Stephen being from Washington, D.C. and 3 votes Stephen being from Northern Virginia. INTELLEGIANCE!