Andy Rocco has been at the UCB for a long time. He's kind of fixture. It can be safely assumed that he's borrowed money from everyone on the performer page and has talked their ears off about how hard it is to find good shoes (he's a size 14). Since starting at the theater in 1999, he's taken classes with Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Andy Secunda, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Kevin Mullaney, Armando Diaz, and Katie Roberts. Andy was on the beloved house team Monkeydick and has done ASSSSCAT. He holds what he refers to as the World Record for the Shortest Performance at the Aspen Comedy Festival, where he guided a cardboard blimp across the stage for just under 30 seconds in Matt Walsh's "Secret Slut." He has also written and starred in the following shows at UCB (in no particular order): "The Hipster Show with Andy Rocco," "Andy Rocco's Happy Life," "Sketch Show," "Dogs of St. Christopher," "The Greatest Sketch Show on the Planet," "The Documentary," "Anydayville," and "The St. Patrick's Day Show." He directed "The Chuck D and Jawnee Anthology," and Nick Gibbons and Ben Schwartz's, "Gibbons and Schwartz." Outside of the UCB he can be seen on Adult Swim's "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet," and the Starburst commercial with the dog sticking its butt out the window. His first paid acting job was for an industrial birth control video where he played "the pill." You can also hear his voice on the interstitials on all of MC Chris's albums. Recently he was in an indie feature called "Man Underground" about an alien conspiracy. Currently, Andy is the host of the monthly "The Andy Rocco Show" and writer/producer on the "Tony Show with Anthony Atamaniuk"


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