Ego Nwodim is an actor-writer-improviser-cupcake connoisseur from Baltimore, MD. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Biology, Ego put her pricey diploma in the recycling bin and began taking classes at the UCB Theatre. Thanks to her teachers at UCB, Ego has come to find montages, tag-runs and obnoxious, but grounded characters far more enjoyable and fulfilling than photosynthesis and Punnett squares, though Punnett squares are actually pretty cool. Ego was formerly on the UCB Harold teams 8 Babies and Rococo. She is currently a performer on the UCB Harold team Queen George and Maude team The New Deal. She performed in the 2016 JFL New Faces Characters showcase and the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase. And in 2017, Ego wrote and performed her first ever one-woman show, "Great Black Women...and Then There's Me," which begins its run at UCB in 2018. If, after reading this, you find yourself still wondering what Ego's all about, you are cordially invited to see her aforementioned solo show!

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