Lisa Timmons is active behind-the-scenes as well as on stage at UCB in Los Angeles, writing, directing, producing and co-hosting a variety of shows. She first started taking classes at UCBLA in 2014 and was a writer on Maude Team, THE NEW DEAL from 2017 until 2019. Currently, she co-produces ROLLIN' WITH MY HOMIES as well as LEGITIMATE GODDAMN THEATRE, and co-hosts the weekly diversity jam, EVERYBODY GET IN HERE. She also co-produces the UCB DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP SHOW and acts as director for the mash-up sketch team. In 2019, Lisa is a participant in the National Hispanic Media Coalition's TV Writers program. She wrote for the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase and her other half-hour comedy pilot, GONE SOUTH, was a Second Rounder at the 2014 Austin Film Festival. An Army brat, who grew up over a decade in Germany, Lisa now claims Savannah, Georgia as her hometown because that's where her mom and one of sisters live. She has a journalism degree from the University of Georgia. Overall, Lisa thinks you're doing a great job and should keep up the good work!