Jeff Topolski is a writer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He writes for the UCB Maude team The New Deal and his show "El Pollo Loco High School," starring Lou Wilson and Andrew Hansen, ran for over a year at the theatre. In middle school, he hosted a talent show which was a huge success by middle school standards. Jeff moved to California to attend Chapman University, where he also began performing improv. He started taking improv and sketch classes at UCB in 2013, and has performed in/written for shows at the theatre such as The Smokes, Winslow Presents: SuperTeam, Play By Play, Unsigned Hype, Cagematch, Big Grande's Freaks on a Leash, Sketch Showdown, Legitimate Goddamn Theatre, Starpunch, and Maude Night. Outside of UCB, Jeff's writing credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

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