Vivian is a Korean American actress and writer from Los Angeles, CA. You can see her perform on Harold night with her team LoverBoy, and on every first Saturday of the month as part of the KPOP Show. You may recognize Vivian from commercials or Channel 39, a digital series for Tyler the Creator's production company, GOLF Media. What... else. Um, Vivian was a writer on a few pilots for RYOT Films, "a next generation motion picture studio" that pretty much lives in the intersection between technology, story-telling, and entertainment. (They make shows and "experiences" that use AR, VR, motion-capture technology, etc.) She also makes pitch decks freelance and co-teaches pitch classes in Silverlake so definitely ask her about that. Right now Vivian is co-writing an animated feature film for an international animation studio. It's going OK.

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