Hallie Haas is a NY-based actress and comedian from Northampton, MA. Hallie performs at UCBT on Maude Night with Fantasy (previously with A Few Sandwich Lovers and Monaco), was a writer/performer on Characters Welcome, and her solo show Masterpiece Classic: Women in Art ran at UCB Chelsea through Spring 2017. She has appeared in TBS' Search Party, the feature film Fort Tilden (Grand Jury Prize SXSW 2014), videos for The New Yorker, Elite Daily, and The Kicker, and is a proud Story Pirate. Hallie holds a BA from Oberlin College, where she studied Theatre and Comparative Literature. She now lives in Brooklyn with 9 of her closest pals and 10,000 lbs of kale. For more visit www.halliehaas.com or read her mind @halliekhaas.

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