July Diaz is water. You cannot grasp hold of him. You cannot punch him. You cannot hurt him. He is raw and honest. July hosts Captain Jam with his improv team Mae, Bakos, July and Sketch Idol with his sketch team Three 6 Hafia. He hosts the podcast Trends with Benefits which has featured such guests as the Doughboys (Mike Mitchell & Nick Wiger), D’Arcy Carden, and Scott Aukerman. He is the Episode Coordinator at Earwolf, home of podcasts Comedy Bang! Bang!, improv4humans, and How Did This Get Made?. You can try to keep up with him while watching him perform with his improv teams $6000 Suit, Menudo, Areosmith, Knucks, and the occasional mash-up teams all over LA. You can Venmo him @JulyGDiaz. He’s one of many virgins in an episode of W/ Bob & David.