Andy Breckman and his only friend Ken Freedman are the hosts of Seven Second Delay on WFMU, the legendary freeform radio station in Jersey City, New Jersey. For the past twenty years, they've picked a "radio stunt" each week, then tried to execute it in just one hour of live airtime. They've chain-translated a Village Voice S&M personal add through 15 languages, then back into English, written the ultimate New York Times "Metropolitan Diary" column entry, then gotten it published, and failed more times than they can count. Every other week, they bring their special potient of anti-comedy trainwrecks to the UCB Threatre.

Andy Breckman was most recently the Executive Producer of the USA Network Original Series Monk. Breckman started writing comedy full-time in 1982 as part of the original staff of Late Night with David Letterman. He worked for Saturday Night Live for several seasons, contributing many memorable sketches, including the one "where Eddie Murphy went around as a white guy" and "Japanese Game Show" with Chris Farley and Mike Myers. His feature screenplays include Moving, I.Q., Sgt. Bilko, and most recently, Rat Race, which was directed by Jerry Zucker. Breckman's television credits include Comedy Central's TV Funhouse and the 2003 Academy Awards with Steve Martin.

Breckman has five children and lives in New Jersey with his wife, documentary producer Beth Landau. He has trouble making friends.