Alex Otis is a performer, writer, and power clasher right here in NYC. Can you believe?! Catch her on Characters Welcome with her team, Leather Father every second to last Thursday of the month--ya got all that? Don't worry she'll will remind ya! Alex is also a performer/writer on Option 7 at the PIT on Super Sketch Tuesdays. And on Friday nights when the moon is right, Alex can be found at the PIT Striker performing with her BoogieManja sketch team, Helvetica--babyyyyyy!! Her face can be seen in videos featured on The New Yorker, Clickhole, IFC Comedy Crib, and WhoHaHa. Alex also dabbles in early retirement with couponing, staying out of the sun, yelling at her computer, and playing mah jongg–ask your bubbie what that is. Alex’s mom describes her as “quirky!” I love you too, Mom! For more hahas please wander on over to

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