Jake Sprague is a comedian from Las Vegas NV. He is also a big Hollywood star that people really seem to love and adore. He started his training at the UCB theater in 2012 and has had the privilege of studying under many amazing comedians such as Alex Berg, Betsy Sodaro, Ben Siemon, Mano Agapion, Billy Merritt, Todd Fasen, Nick Mandernach, Gilli Nissim and a ton of others that are equally awesome. Jake started a podcast way back in 2007 (before it was cool) called Jim and Them which has been described as "some of the smartest comedy online, masquerading as some of the dumbest" which he takes as a compliment. Jake performed for 3 years with Harold team Rococo and is currently living the dream by performing on Harold Night at UCB with PONY. He once dunked a basketball but no one was around to see it. It's both his single greatest achievement and biggest disappointment in his life.