Rosie is a current and proud-ass UCB House Team member of HAVOC, and former team member of Horse Girl, Big Time, and a Jam Leader at the UCB Theater East. Rosie has also preformed and written sketch shows, and stand up. Rosie has produced/written/starred in many plays. Some of her written work can be seen on Reductress, The Truth Podcast, Refinery29, and TELEVISION. But her real story, the one that truly matters, is a story of orange powdered cheese. A long, long time ago Rosie was so depressed that she didn't leave her room for months and only ate Doritos. She accidentally started watching Strangers With Candy and was so inspired by the raw beauty that her tears turned into non-stop laughing (and farting). She hasn't been able to stop laughing or farting ever since! Rosie has since left her bedroom and her hometown to live her dreams in NYC as a person who "laughs and farts all the time." Rosie has been performing comedy of all sorts since she got to New York several years ago with nothing but the belongings she could fit on her back, which included: clothes, computers, a bed, a couch, whiskey glasses, a fully stocked kitchen, designer boots, a very long kitchen island from IKEA, and a mini Jacuzzi, etc. Rosie hasn't eaten a Dorito in seven years--she is completely cured and has moved on to puffy cheese doodles--where the two live in perfect harmony & marital bliss. Will you please hire Rosie to write or perform for you? I'll #[email protected] anything that moves.

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