Timothy, is Timm's real name. In junior high school, Timothy added an 'm' to his name to be different and feel special. When Timm got older and wiser, he learned that everyone in the world is already different and special, regardless of how their name is spelled or pronounced. So now, past the point of no return, Timm is stuck with an extra 'm' in his name. Also, there was another Tim Sharp already in SAG. Timm has been working as an actor in TV and film since 2000. You may have seen him on television in 'SIX FEET UNDER' (HBO), 'UNDECLARED' (FOX), 'TIL DEATH' (FOX), 'DRUNK HISTORY' (Comedy Central), and as Dougie Daniels in 'ENLIGHTENED' (HBO). He is currently shooting the second season of 'BLUNT TALK' (STARZ), starring Patrick Stewart, created by Seth Macfarlane & Jonathan Ames. Here are some films Timm is in: RAINBOW TIME, HANDSOME, BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY, ALEX OF VENICE, FRIENDS WITH MONEY, FUN WITH DICK AND JANE, KICKING & SCREAMING. (IMDB has more.) Timm is repped by UTA and Lighthouse Management & Media.