Writer at SNL. Former Segment Director at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', co-creator of 'Garlic Jackson Comedy', and former tween. Zack has directed, written, produced, and performed original sketch comedy for ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, MTV, & more. His humor writing has been published in The New Yorker, McSweeney's, Splitsider, Smew, Cavalier Literary Couture, CollegeHumor, & more. Birthed in Seattle, Zack studied Neuroscience at Brown U. and was selected as a Rhodes Scholar Finalist, so his parents are extra disappointed now that he's wasting that all on this 'skit' stuff. Zack co-created the bicoastal sketch troupe and production company, Garlic Jackson Comedy (youtube.com/garlicjacksoncomedy) which was called "Some of the City's best writers and performers" by the New York Times. Zack is a proud writer with the LA Maude team "Sugar".