Born in the USSR, Raised in Chicago, and now in NYC, Nikita is an improviser, filmmaker, and writer of film, tv, and theater. Formerly a member of the UCBT Lloyd team seventeen, he can now be seen at the UCBT East Village on Lloyd Night with his team Statham. He also performs Musical Improv at the UCBT with the show "Fancy Man Sings!" and hosts the monthly XYZ Jam (also at the UCBT East Village). He is also an instructor of Musical Improv at the Magnet Theater, where he performs with teams Wonderland and Premiere: The Improvised Musical. He has studied improv since 2011 with Ben Rameaka, Achilles Stamatelaky, Amber Petty, Abra Tabak, Erik Tanouye, Chelsea Clarke, Lydia Hensler, Will Hines, Ryan Karels, Brandon Gardner, Miriam Tolan, Shannon O'Neill, Gavin Speiller, Aaron Jackson, Rick Andrews, Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein, Michael Lutton, Kirk Damato, Peter McNerney, Oscar Montoya, and Armando Diaz. He is a big fan of live theater and dreams of/is working toward writing a great musical.

Upcoming Performances