Jared Eimicke is a writer and improvisor from New York. His sketch show, Shkreli! Portrait of a Pharma Bro, is currently running at UCBT Hell's Kitchen. He writes for the Maude team Pretty Boys and was a contributing writer for Above Average and The Kicker. His sketch show, Hockey Cops, had a nine-month run at UCBT Hell's Kitchen and UCBT Chelsea. His sketch show, My Dad Dumped Jesus, had a six-month run at UCBT Chelsea. He also writes, produces, and directs videos for his sketch team Dollar Pizza, which created the web series Poolers exclusively for Comedy Central's Snapchat Discover channel. Dollar Pizza's sketches have been featured on the Huffington Post, Funny or Die, MSN, and the LA Times. Jared also wrote a one-act play for the Flea Theater's #[email protected] and was a finalist at the 2015 Austin Television Festival's pitch competition. Check out all of Jared's stuff at jaredeimicke.com!

Management: Ken Treusch
Literary: Seeking

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