Daniel is an actor and improviser living in Los Angeles. He's been studying at UCBTLA since 2011 and has performed in such UCB shows as Mess Hall, Play by Play, Cagematch, Crashbar, Tonya Harding: The Musical, WANTED FOR MURDER: Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, and Back to the Future II: The Musical. Daniel studied Theater at Yale University and has acted in such TV shows as Arrested Development (pop star Mark Cherry), The Office, Glee, CSI:NY, Awkward, and most recently as a regular cast member on the new ABC Family show "Freak Out". You can also catch him improvising with his Mess Hall team Bugaboo at UCB's Inner Sanctum and with lots of indi teams, including Kanyay! West, which has played at many improv festivals around the country including in LA, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Austin, Chicago, and New York. They also wrote a commercial for a sewage company once that never got shot.