His name is Yesel, but his friends call him Yak. Yak is an actor/writer/editor/dodgeballer from Van Nuys, CA. His first real attempt at comedy was when he was a senior at the University of La Verne. He started doing stand up there, but years later he really fell in love with the improv and sketch community at UCB. You may have seen him perform around town with his sketch/improv/slammer team PRIVATE STREET. They're some of the best friends he's ever had. Private Street has won UCB Cagematch 5 times, and UCB Sketch Showdown for over a year, and had a blast doing That NEW NEW Sketch Show at UCB Sunset for over a year as well. He's also honored to have been part of the Maude teams EastWOOD, Baseball, Mr. Bird, and the Messhall team The Hyphenning! Yak thinks life is cool, and just really loves everybody. He'd love to party with you.


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