Mike McLendon is a comedian, improvisor, and writer of short bios originally from Austin, Texas. Prior to making the leap to Los Angeles, Mike was a 4th grade writing teacher. Here, Mike learned valuable lessons like: Teaching is hard and moving to Los Angeles to do improv would be better. 
In addition to playing on his first UCB Harold team. Mike has toured the world with Second City Theatricals and Mission Improvable. He also plays every Friday at iO West with "Orpheus Roy" a team that is as great as it's name is confusing. Mike is a faculty member and coach at both Second City Hollywood and iO West. Other UCB credits include cagematch teams that lost to Convoy, Death by Roo Roo, Dierkes & Fernie, and Heather & Miles. He also won a few cagematches with a group called Tatertown. 
Mike has spent the past year writing 20 jokes a day which is chronicled at 20jokesaday.tumblr.com/
Follow Mike on Twitter at @themikemclendon or in real life by dimming your headlights and staying at least 20 feet behind him.