Joey Clift is a comedy writer and cat enthusiast living in Los Angeles. His writing credits include DreamWorks' OMG Sketch and Swamp Talk with Shrek and Donkey, Cartoon Networks Wabbit, National Geographic Wilds Worlds Deadliest, truTVs Top 20 Funniest, The Nerdists DVK, SyFys Scare Tactics and the CBS Diversity Showcase among other shows. A Fine Brothers Last Moments of Relationships episode he co wrote was just nominated for a 2017 Streamy Award, which he's pretty excited about. He is a former staff writer for Defy Media, David Zuckers Circa Laughs, Sarcasm Society and Guff, as well as a contributing writer for Cracked, The Devastator, Hence LA and The Higgs Weldon. His sketches and projects have been featured on Comedy Centrals Tosh.0, Funny or Die, UCB Comedy, College Humor, and elsewhere. In total, comedy articles and sketches he's written have been viewed over 100 million times online. Joey is the host of the podcast 25 Minutes of Silence, which Splitsider called "the sort of show that Andy Kaufman might have cooked up if he were still around." He has also been called an Internet troublemaker extraordinaire by The Onions A.V. Club for hijacking a Q&A from the official Garfield Twitter account. (It was pretty great.) UCB Credits include the cat themed late night talk show Chats on Cats with Joey Clift, Fuck This Late Night Show (Head Writer), Maude Night (Writer), Quick and Funny Musicals, Sketch Cram, Seinfeld The Purge, Not Too Shabby, Dad Talk A Talk Show For Dads, about a million bit shows and his half hour sketch shows The Orange iMind 12 Keynote 2029 (co written with Gene Augusto) and Jeff Foxworthy Tours The Universe (co written with Matt Manser and Joan Ford) which both received runs at the theater. A proud member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, Joey is VERY opinionated about Christopher Columbus. Look at a ton of stuff he's made at


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