Nicole is an actor, writer, comedian, reluctant producer, Temple (BA) and UC Irvine (MFA) alum, Philly ex-pat, and hopeful future cat owner. She could not be happier to write for her current Maude team THE BUS, former Maude team EASTWOOD, and co-host LET'S TABLE THIS! Nicole's been in some TV shows, movies, sketches, and a crap ton of plays. She especially loves doing classical theatre at her LA theatre home Antaeus Theatre. If you want to feel good about yourself, ask Nicole about the time she did Closer and fell off a stripper table and into the audience. Ahh the THEATRE! Nicole has performed in UCB shows QUICK & FUNNY MUSICALS, BOMBS AWAY!, LES SIZZLERABLE, MAD MEN:THE MUSICAL, and SKETCH CRAM.