Sarah Burton is honored to be a member of the UCB Lloyd Team Big Revival, performing every other Wednesday at Lloyd night at UCB East. Previously Sarah was a member of the UCB Lloyd Teams First Lady, Never Never, City Mouse, and Hoops. For more inside Sarah's brain, check out Roanoke on Maude Night. You can also see her writing and performing monthly for Everyone's Favorite Game Show! at UCB East. Sarah has been studying at UCB since 2010 under such luminaries as Porter Mason, Brandon Gardner, Eric Tanouye, Gavin Speiller, Anthony Atamanuik, Chelsea Clarke & Mike Still. She is proud to be have performed with Advanced Study Performance: Pinter Harold, ASP: Documentary, ASP: Three-Hander, and ASP: Evente. How did Sarah end up at UCB? She joined the Full Ammo Improv troupe at Penn State, went to the Del Close Marathon, and then forgot everything else she ever wanted to do. Because this was it. Follow Sarah @notrubharass


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