Iman is a Brooklyn based actress living her best goddamn life right now. Her cosmic identity is comprised of a Capricorn sun, Cancer rising and Libra moon. Upon graduating from NYU, she decided to put her Journalism & Africana Studies degrees to good use by becoming an actor. When asked, she said most people would describe her as a cross between a Type A mystical witch and Harriet Tubman. The former Homecoming Queen spends an unhealthy amount of time googling things that white people say like Kombucha, Steampunk and the phrase, Gosh Darnit. Iman is currently waiting to be cast in Curb Your Enthusiasm or as a Marvel Superhero. So someone, if you are reading this, please make that happen. And lastly, her secret dream is to start an adult lady double dutch team. It will not be creepy at all. When she isn’t performing spell work, you can find her on UCB’s stage with her Maude Team, Garrett Newstand. Recent Credits: Commercial Credits: The Home Depot, Kohls, Dropbox, Verizon, & Olay. TV Credits: “Crashing” (HBO), “Jack & Triumph” (NBC Universal/Cartoon Network). Web: Frank & Lamar (IFC), High Herstory For more, check out Follow her on IG: @iman.richardson