Jason M. Palmer is not gonna write his bio in the third person to give the illusion he is so important that someone else wrote his bio for him. So here goes: I am a writer for the UCB Maude sketch team, Mr. Bird. It took me about three years of applying to get on a Maude team. I thought I would never get on, but here I am. Dreams do come true. I was a writers' assistant for eight years on DAWSON'S CREEK (WB), THAT'S SO RAVEN (Disney Channel), and THE BERNIE MAC SHOW (FOX) and wrote an episode for each of those shows. I was almost ready to quit the business when I got hired as a staff writer on EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS (CW). From there I moved to Stamford, CT to help write and produce 100 episodes of Ice Cube's show "ARE WE THERE YET?" (TBS). It was the best experience of my life and it's where I met my wife. I returned to LA and started focusing on improv and sketch writing, taking classes at UCB. I now have a job I love: writing, directing, and producing comedy sketches for the funniest show on TV, the "FOX NFL SUNDAY SHOW" (https://vimeo.com/jpalm). I would like to thank my improv and sketch teachers, as well as Eddie Vedder, and my wife Alyssa, before she has a chance to ask "Why didn't you thank me?" Because she will.