Ai Yoshihara was growing up in the small town of Niigata, Japan. As a young girl, she was determined to marry River Phoenix. Phoenix passed away before they ever met, but Yoshihara kept dreaming big. She traveled to America for college. She married briefly, but all her husband had in common with Phoenix was his blond hair and a penchant for drugs. Yoshihara found herself alone and rebuilding her life in Los Angeles. Yoshihara had a vivid imagination, but was incredibly shy. So she began to take acting classes, since all the words she'd need to say would be written for her. It wasn't long before Yoshihara began to love her time on-stage. So she decided to tackle a greater challenge: the booming art of improvised comedy. Almost always surrounded by fast-talking native English speakers. But Yoshihara was determined to be one of the few successful foreign nationals on the scene. She is very thankful to UCB Diversity programs for giving her opportunities to study at UCB.